Under the artistic direction of founder Andraea Sartison we are a non-profit company dedicated to producing new work that is interdisciplinary and collaboratively created.

One Trunk Theatre lives in Winnipeg and was formed in 2009. It has since presented seven new plays, including I Dream of Diesel (Theatre Projects Manitoba), Hamlet as Told on the Streets and the upcoming 204FM radio series and Mission Potluck.

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Through our process and plays we seek to find the root of where all art forms begin and branch out to create new, innovative performances. Each production integrates a new combination of media into our theatre process be it ballet, rap, hip hop dance, silent movie or graphic novel.

We strive to continually push the boundaries of what theatre can be and find innovative ways to create, educate and communicate.


Andraea SartisonAndraea Sartison is a theatre artist and producer based in Winnipeg with a specific interest in new work. She is the founding Artistic Producer of One Trunk Theatre whose mandate is to create and facilitate new theatrical work that is interdisciplinary and created collaboratively. With One Trunk she has produced, directed and co-created seven festivals and/or productions including the One Trunk Festival of New, Hybrid Performance ’13, Hamlet as Told on the Streets (Winnipeg, Saskatoon Fringe ’13, WJT’s Tribefest ’12) Just One Spark (Bailey Theatre ’12, Winnipeg Fringe ’09), and The Big Gravel Sifter (MTC’s Strindberg Fest ’11). This year she is honoured to be recognized by her peers as one of Winnipeg’s Group of Seven Emerging Artists. The season includes development of a new play in collaboration with Shakespeare in the Ruins, and Assistant Directing both Rick Miller’s 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea opening at the Pan Am Games in July 2015, and the world premiere of Ghost River Theatre’s The Last Voyage of Donald Crowhurst opening at Alberta Theatre Projects in February. When not working in theatre Andraea is the Producer of events like The Prairie Barge Festival at The Forks, Bike Week and University of Winnipeg’s ArtsFest.


  • Jacqueline Harding – Chair
  • Maria Cristina Laureano – Vice-Chair
  • Garrett Wellwood – Secretary
  • Melissa Morrow – Treasurer
  • Gwen Collins – Programming Committee
  • Julia Wellwood – Member