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“…the mundane meets magic in a combination of fascinating elements. First, there is the “key of X,” an out-of-tune and unearthly musical exploration of two worlds that almost collide. Then there is dance. Gracious and sensual movements turn bodies into linguistic vehicles that meet, connect, experience love and part. At times intense, at others almost detached, all the relationships express an emotional void that needs to be filled. is a “dream within a dream” that blurs borders between the human world and the universe of water creatures, confuses the mind, and reaches a climax when former Royal Winnipeg Ballet performer CindyMarie Small becomes a dancing ballerina at the bottom of the sea.”
– Cendrine Marrouat

“One of the reasons this Hamlet worked so well is that it didn’t exactly parody Shakespeare, it retold a great story in startling visual, audio and emotional language. And, ok, it was really, really funny….it didn’t take much to push it over the edge to slapstick gross-out extravaganza.”
– Jane Enkin, Winnipeg Jewish Review

“Truly transforming this performance was its technical side… the lighting design was unapologetically bold but yet did not distract the audience from the relationships built by the skillful onstage performances. The use of lighting and projection was so exceptional in this production that it became the fourth character in Just One Spark.”
– Jon Lindstrad, The Camrose Booster

“This ambitious local production [Puberty: a Memoir] blends rock music, cabaret styles and raunchy comedy…there is lots of creativity on display, not just in the occasionally risqué script but in its reasonably elaborate staging.”
– Morley Walker, Winnipeg Free Press

“Oh, this is not your father’s Hamlet…The bass thumps, fists pump, and the five performers throw themselves into the bloody, and often crude, action with gusto. And the results are invigorating and hilarious.” 5 stars for Hamlet as Told on the Streets
– Joff Schmidt

Hamlet as Told on the Streets 2013 Winnipeg Fringe Outstanding Comedy
Description: 5 Stars

I Dream of Diesel The ultimate love letter to Manitoba”

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“This imaginative style of presentation jacks up the visual interest, as characters seamlessly interact with the video or shadowed figures on the other side of the makeshift screens.”
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“Local theatre creator thrives on collaboration, balancing ambition and art…Andraea Sartison’s career is taking off in all directions — up, down and around.”

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“I was interested in how these different artists will interpret the same place,” says Sartison, who directed the fringe hit Hamlet as Told on the Street. “The focus for me is about process and product and to build a community of artists who are interested in this kind of collaboration.”

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“The bass thumps, fists pump, and the five performers throw themselves into the bloody, and often crude, action with gusto…Purists, the faint of heart, and those not ready to have a kick out the jams, laugh until your sides hurt good time need not attend. Everyone else – get thee to Hamlet As Told On the Streets.”

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