RED EARTH – May 8th-18th, 2019

RED EARTH is a five-year graphic novel and theatre investigation resulting in the world premiere of a new play, and the launch of its companion piece: a graphic novel by GMB Chomichuk. The play is performed in an illustrative aesthetic where the set becomes the pages of a graphic novel. It’s a page turner- the story unfolds with the well-loved surprise and adventure of a sci-fi book. As earth self-destructs, the audience witnesses the final effort of the human species’ survival: three astronauts sent to start over on Mars. While each has their own reason for accepting the mission, none are prepared for the consequences that await them on the red planet. A story of legacy, discovery and what makes us human.

Story by Andraea Sartison and GMB Chomichuk

Written by Rick Chafe and Kristian Jordan


RED EARTH is a One Trunk Theatre production presented by Theatre Projects Manitoba in partnership with Prairie Theatre Exchange, supported by both the Winnipeg Arts Council and Manitoba Arts Council


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