204 FM

One Trunk Theatre, together with the West End Cultural Centre and UMFM 101.5 presented 204FMa new radio series performed live weekly with broadcast to follow. A new episode debuted every Tuesday April 26- May 24, 2016 at the West End Cultural Centre in Winnipeg.

Each performance featured an opening set by a guest musical act, followed by the radio play with live sound foley. After the live performance each episode was broadcast on UMFM.

204fmAbout the story…

In the early 1900s unfortunate and irreversible mistakes bind Hermes, the god of travel, in gold. Now a statue, Hermes is passed from one continent to the next bringing bad luck and a feeling of “stuckness” everywhere he goes. World powers unite and decide the only solution is to send him as far away as possible to a place that no one cares about… a place in the middle of nowhere… Winnipeg, Manitoba. For over a century Hermes has perched atop the Legislature and we call him the golden boy, a statue reeking a feeling a apathy through the city and not letting anyone leave, even after they have passed away. Enter our heroes, regular every day Winnipeggers who feel stuck but are sucked into an adventure exploring the city and meeting an infamous cast of characters (from Stephen Juba to the Grey Nuns and from Nellie McClung to Burton Cummings) who give them a new perspective. A hilarious roller coaster ride through time, winters, socials, mysteries and many vacant floors of the Downtown Bay, 204FM is a uniquely Winnipeg buffet, created by top Winnipeg comedians and theatre artists for the citizens of our one great city.

Directed by Andraea Sartison.

Written by Gwendolyn Collins, RobYn Slade, Toby Hughes, Ross McMillan and William Jordan.

Performed by the writers, Gord Tanner and guest musicians

April 26th           William Prince

May 3rd             Leaf Rapids

May 10th            Red Moon Road

May 17th            Joey Landreth (from The Bros. Landreth)

May 24th            Carly Dow and Slow Leaves

204FM was made possible through the generous support of the Winnipeg Arts Council with funding from the City of Winnipeg and the Manitoba Arts Council with funding from the Province of Manitoba.

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