STAGE FRIGHTS: Mabel’s Curtain Call

One Trunk Theatre, together with Fête Jockey Productions and True North Sports and Entertainment present the first ever Stage Frights Haunted Basement.

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Photo credit: Talia Potash

Co-created by Gwendolyn Collins, Jennie O’Keefe and Andraea Sartison together with Winnipeg’s top theatre creators and performed by a cast of over twenty, this production pays homage to true Winnipeg ghost stories.

Just over one century ago famed actor Mabel Hackney waved farewell to her adoring fans in Winnipeg and boarded the Empress of Ireland back home to England. Manitobans begged her to return soon, as the curtain fell on her final performance at the Burton Cummings Theatre. When the Empress went down in the St. Laurent Mabel’s body was never found, only a scrap of her nightdress remained- in the hands of her drowned lover. But Mabel did return- to haunt the theatre she once loved, and all of her terrors still lurk beneath the surface of the building, deep, deep in the basement-​ and this Halloween the horror is boiling over!

This October audiences will tip toe through the bowels of the Burt’s basement, winding their way from room to room. On route they encounter the theatre’s ghosts, whose morbid ends and shattered dreams lay bare for a terrified audience, especially the life of Mabel- as if it were flashing before her own eyes. Top Winnipeg actors embody the ghosts in the flesh. This is theatre up close and personal as you have never seen it before. An immersive experience that puts a wee theatrical twist on a traditional haunted house to deepen the terror by amping up the story and getting in your head. Will Mabel escape the basement and find peace once and for all? Will you?

Co-created by Gwendolyn Collins, Jennie O’Keefe and Andraea Sartison

Production Management by Brooklyne Alexander

Set Design by Ksenia Broda-Millian and Sean McMullen 

Costume Design by Daina Leitold

Prop Design + by Joseph Abetria

Sound Design by jaymez

Lighting Design by Hugh Conacher

Stage Managed by Ntara Curry and Stephanie Porrior

Make up by Theresa Thompson

Performed by
David Arial
Emily Barker
Ian Bastin
Grant Burr
Dora Carroll
Paul Duncan
Anastasia Evsigneeva
Kevin Gabel
Delf Gravert
William Jordan
Kristian Jordan
Anna-Laure Koop
Evan Martin
Spencer Payne
Anna Protsiou
Josh Ranville
Chris Sousa 

Logan Stefansen

Brittany Thiessen
Elizabeth Whitbread

Johanna Burdon
Rayna Masterton
Jen McDonald
Wes Rambo
Chris Reid
Reba Terlson