2017 FALL tour info  Saturday, September 30th, 7pm- Gladstone, Manitoba Friday, October 13th, Crystal City, Manitoba Saturday, October 14th, 7:30pm- The Aud Theatre, Virden, Manitoba    One Trunk’s hit Mission Potluck is more rambunctious than ever. A mashup of comedy, music and poetic monologues, Mission Potluck brings to the stage the story of a Lutheran Ladies League’s ill-fated fundraising … Continue reading MISSION POTLUCK

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led by GHOST RIVER THEATRE Artistic Director Eric Rose with ONE TRUNK THEATRE Artistic Producer Andraea Sartison Dive into your own creativity. Make your own work. Ghost River Theatre Artistic Director Eric Rose, together with One Trunk Theatre Artistic Producer Andraea Sartison, present a four-day intensive designed to pilot established and emerging artists through an introduction to … Continue reading DEVISED THEATRE INTENSIVE


One Trunk Theatre is thrilled to be partnering with Canadian Lutheran World Relief (CLWR) on this very important new work. Refuge, a new production spearheaded by Andraea Sartison, Liam Zarrillo, and Caroline Wintoniw that illuminates the current situation in Emerson, Manitoba with a large number of asylum seekers crossing the boarder since early 2017. This project has been … Continue reading REFUGE


Title: Embargo  What: workshop performance (sharing of work in progress) Who: Created by Claire Thérèse with Arne MacPherson, Gwendolyn Collins, Andraea Sartison and Delf Gravert When: Gendis Studio, Prairie Theatre Exchange May 3rd, 5th and 6th at 8 p.m. Cost: $10 at the door, cash only You could also catch Embargo at the Carol Shields Festival … Continue reading EMBARGO


Led by Anna-Laure Koop, a frequent One Trunk collaborator, this play will find a new group of ladies who come together in an unlikely set of circumstances to form an all-girl band in 1970s Winnipeg. If the ladies ever make it back from their lakeside retreat, you can expect a production of this new work … Continue reading FEMININE TOUCH


One Trunk Theatre debuts its itty-bitty pop up theatre in the winter of 2017 at The Forks. Designed by 5468796 Architecture, this 20 square feet space was be home to free concerts, photography shoots, live performance and visual art installations between February 15-March 5, 2017. The Dollhouse of Commons is our exploration into a new, more intimate relationship between performer … Continue reading DOLLHOUSE OF COMMONS



Red Earth, One Trunk’s latest large-scale collaboration, led by Andraea Sartison and graphic novelist Gregory Chomichuk, will feature the publication of a graphic novel and the production of a new multimedia play that will explore colonization of Mars.   With the support of PTE and an Inter-Arts Grant from the Canada Council, OTT will host … Continue reading RED EARTH