2017 FALL tour info 

Saturday, September 30th, 7pm- Gladstone, Manitoba

Friday, October 13th, Crystal City, Manitoba

Saturday, October 14th, 7:30pm- The Aud Theatre, Virden, Manitoba 


One Trunk’s hit Mission Potluck is more rambunctious than ever.

A mashup of comedy, music and poetic monologues, Mission Potluck brings to the stage the story of a Lutheran Ladies League’s ill-fated fundraising efforts in Gimli in the 1920s. This perfectly devised ensemble piece is inspired by the true story of  First Lutheran’s (Winnipeg) fundraising efforts to build Gimli’s first seniors home in the early part of the century. One Trunk Theatre flips history on its head in this play collectively created and performed by comediennes Claire Therese Friesen, Gwendolyn Collins, Andraea Sartison, Jacqueline Harding and Anna-Laure Koop.

When it debuted in Gimli in the summer of 2015, it was an immediate hit. The 2016 tour kicked off where the real story began at First Lutheran Church in Winnipeg before touring to Gimli, Riverton and Arborg. A play uniquely crafted for these locations, Mission Potluck gives rural audiences an entertaining and heart-wrenching reflection of their own stories and towns…. with an Icelandic twist. An immersive theatrical experience (featuring a potluck of Icelandic baking in the parish hall during intermission) Mission Potluck is a perfect recipe for entertainment combining local history with physical comedy, and familiar hymns with the pop music of the day.

Ladies of Mission Potluck


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