One Trunk Theatre is thrilled to premiere Boundary Avenue a new production spearheaded by Andraea Sartison, Liam Zarrillo, and Caroline Wintoniw that documents the influx of asylum seekers crossing the USA/Canada Border at Emerson, Manitoba in the past two years.

This project has been in development for a year and has included multiple workshop and interviews with refugees, sponsorship agencies, private sponsors and most recently the community of Emerson.

Featured in the play are the stories of Razak Iyal and Seidu Mohammed, who crossed on Christmas Eve 2016, losing their hands from frostbite.

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Drawing on the traditions of documentary and verbatim theatre, but with a dramatic edge- this project brings to life a vital story happening in our province right now.

The show is in development and set to premiere May 23rd-27th at the Asper Centre of Theatre and Film, a double bill with Sarasvati Production‘s “New Beginnings”.

Written by Andraea Sartison, Caroline Wintoniw and Liam Zarrillo
Inspired by Razak Iyal and Seidu Mohammed

Directed by Debbie Patterson