A World Premiere!

This May, One Trunk Theatre will premiere Boundary Avenue – our investigation inspired by the over 1000 asylum seekers who crossed the USA/Canada border at Emerson, Manitoba in 2017; and, our collaboration with some of the individuals who made the journey.

We are thrilled to be donating a portion of the production’s proceeds to Razak Iyal and Seidu Mohammed who lent their stories to our play. Razak and Seidu crossed the border on December 24th, 2016- the end of over two years of running from Ghana. Both of them lost their hands to frost bite. We want to share their experiences, while helping them with their rehabilitation and integration into our community.

We hope to see you at the theatre!

May 23, 7pm-online sales closed, limited tickets available at the door.
May 24, 1pm- sold out
May 24, 9pm- PWYD show
May 25, 7pm
May 26, 7pm
May 27, 4pm

Tickets available at: