Space Jam

A Bowing Fundraiser!

Everybody get it up, it’s time to jam now. We got a real jam going down. Welcome to the space jam!
SPACE JAM is One Trunk’s fundraiser in support of the world premiere of Red Earth- a graphic novel/ theatre collaboration about the colonization of Mars.
The show will premiere in Winnipeg, presented by Theatre Projects Manitoba, in partnership with Prairie Theatre Exchange May 8-18.
Come and celebrate with us on February 1st, 8-11pm at Alpine Bowling Lanes! Tickets are $20 with all funds going towards the production.
Sign up individually or with a team. If you would like to sign up with a team, purchase your tickets together or let us know who you would like to be paired with using the questionnaire at the end of your ticket order. There is a maximum of 4 people per team. Visit brownpapertickets.com.
Wear a costume! The best space costume will win you a signed poster, tickets to opening nights and a drink donated by PTE!



A World Premiere!

This May, One Trunk Theatre will premiere Red Earth. Four years in the making, this play unfolds in the style of a graphic novel, and will be presented with an accompanying graphic novel by GMB Chomichuk. A collaboration led by Artistic Producer Andraea Sartison, and GMB- the play is written by Rick Chafe and Kristian Jordan and tells the story of human beings last chance of survival- on Mars.

Presented by Theatre Projects Manitoba with the generous support of Prairie Theatre Exchange, the show runs at PTE May 8-18th, 2019.

For more information click here!